What if my water system doesn’t have chlorine? Can I still use the Pesticide Purifier?
Yes, absolutely! Just add a few pinches of salt to your water and it will work as intended.

Does the Garrnish Pesticide Purifier need to be plugged in while using it?
No, after the pesticide purifier is fully charged, it can be used many times on the same charge. That’s what makes it so convenient and portable for travel!

Do you have 3rd party lab test results?
Yes, SGS is one the most trusted lab testing organizations, and their lab tests showed a 99.9% removal rate of the most commonly used pesticide.

What if I’m outside of the USA?
Unfortunately, we are no longer shipping to the EU. We currently ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

What's the capacity of the Garrnish Pesticide Purifier, how many fruits or veggies can it purify at once?
The pesticide purifier can comfortably purify around 20 average sized oranges at one time.

Can the Garrnish Pesticide Purifier be fully submerged in water?
Yes, we are IPX7 rated, so the pesticide purifier is fully waterproof.

How is the product powered? How is it charged?
The Garrnish Pesticide Purifier is rechargeable (with an internal battery like your phone) and is wirelessly charged (USB wireless charging dock provided).

Can it fit in small areas?
Yes! The Garrnish Pesticide Purifier is collapsible into 2 inches in height, making it perfect for small spaces.